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– Luxury swimming pool with large-format tiles
– Bioclimatic pergola
(more information on request)

Ground Floor Plan

1.00 WIND PORCH 1,66
1.01 HALLWAY 7,26
1.02 UTILITY ROOM 7,08
1.04 STUDY 11,49
1.06 GARAGE 28,12

1st Floor Plan

2.01 CORRIDOR 6,13
2.02 TOILET 2,66
2.03 BATHROOM 12,04
2.04 BEDROOM 22,62
2.05 ROOM 18,21
2.06 ROOM 18,21

Smart home and energy efficiency

The aim of the Sunny Parkway project is to develop family houses that are energy efficient with low running costs and also convenient for the users in terms of the environment and house technology control.

The project involves family houses that are comfortable-to-use and extraordinarily energy efficient with an energy label in the A category.

TAP Home smart system combines advanced functions and easy-to-use control systems. This specific solution features:

  • Money-saving heating and air conditioning control systems
  • Smart ventilation and optimal air humidity control
  • Control mechanism for exterior shades
  • Easy-to-control lighting including a dimming feature
  • Electronic alarm system with a fire alarm and flood sensors
  • Video gate keeper with a remote audio visual connection
  • Garage gate control
  • Appliances operated by safe switching

Cabling prepared for future technology control:

  • Cabling prepared to connect an EV charging station
  • Cabling prepared for secondary water shaft valve control (to be used for automatic garden watering or swimming pool filling systems)
  • Cabling prepared to monitor the water level in the retention tank and to control water pumping from the retention tank
  • Cabling prepared for a CCTV system

TAP HOME enables the following system setting and customisation:

  • Central control (lighting, heating, shading) operated using a tablet and a cell phone
  • Creating automatic modes (day, evening and night modes & absence mode)
  • Setting the features of presence, simulated presence and absence
  • Creating the features of Panic Button, Leave Home, Leave Room, Door/Window Monitoring
  • Defining light scenes and moods respecting day modes and room types
  • Smart turning off of appliances and the monitoring in case of absence
  • Smart temperature room control, smart use of heat sources, their optimization and prioritization
  • Smart autopilot shading option including wind and rime protection and manual shade operation
  • Technology alarm – fire alarm control panel, water accident protection, (see Fire and Flood Protection)
  • Standard alarm – integrating motion sensors, door/window sensors
  • Diagnostics and control of functionality of all parts of the system & log creation
  • Solution customisation based on the user’s requirements and 10 hours of subsequent adjustments are included in the price package

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