Project details

Convenient location and accessibility

  • The family houses are located on the outskirts of the Chýně municipality, providing good access to both downtown Prague and the Václav Havel Airport. The metropolitan area ring road system and the Plzeň motorway can be accessed by car in less than 10 minutes, which makes travel to downtown Prague and entering the highway network very convenient. If we put this somewhat carefully, you will be within easy reach of the majority of arterial roads.
  • The Nová Chýně location boasts all civic amenities including public transport stops, two train stops, an elementary school, kindergarten, Billa supermarket and a medical centre. It takes 12 minutes by bus to reach the Zličín shopping mall.
  • Thanks to their orientation, houses and their gardens will allow you to enjoy as much sun as you like. At the staking phase we made special efforts to provide for the maximum possible privacy of your gardens.
  • The parcels in the Sunny Parkway are located on the fringe of the site, providing views of the open landscape.

High-end smart homes

    • The Sunny Parkway family houses are built on parcels of 578–791 sq. m.
    • The family houses have a useful area (including the garage, wind porch and patio) of 229 sq. m.
    • Výrazným prvkem stavby jsou ekologická a ekonomická bezrámová dřevohliníková okna Alphawin, která šetří náklady, optimalizují výdej energií a jsou revoluční pokud jde o materiály, flexibilitu a vzhled. Vstupní dveře mají speciální konstrukci energeticky úsporných dveří ze dřeva a izolačních materiálů s venkovním hliníkovým opláštěním dveřního křídla a rámu, s 5 bodovým automatickým zámkem a zafrézovanými panty pro větší únosnost a bezpečnost. Na přání zákazníka formou placené klientské změny je možno zabudovat elektro zámek na ovládání čtečkou prstů nebo dálkovým ovládáním.
    • The houses boast advanced modern technologies, such as PKOM 4 compact service units by Pichler, an Austrian manufacturer, certified for passive houses. With two integral heat pumps, each unit provides the house with heat recovery ventilation, space heating and cooling together with domestic hot water. Comfortable temperature in the house is further ensured by electric floor heating mats and radiating ceiling panels with centralized control. The smart umbrella TAP Home system secures convenient ambiance in the house, providing comfort that will make your return home a pleasant experience. The heat recovery unit in conjunction with a central air humidifier allows for regulation of humidity in the house to achieve the optimum level based on users’ needs. This option is particularly appreciated by allergy sufferers and all fresh air lovers. The technology also includes electrically controlled exterior shades, adjustable based on current weather conditions, video gate keeper allowing the displaying of and communicating with visitors (also remotely from mobile devices), security system and central vacuum cleaner. Sanitary ware products entail bidet seats with manual operation, which you will love.
    • Houses have cabling prepared for future installation of additional equipment, such as an EV charger, electrically operated patio sunshade, CCTV system, water level sensor for the retention tank with an automatic garden watering feature. For future mounting of a rooftop photovoltaic power station, a cable gland is installed leading from the roof to the utility room.
    • All houses can boast top energy efficiency: A/A level (see the energy efficiency label), so you will appreciate very low operating costs in the future, given the expected increase in energy prices.


  • We build houses in the right way, we say no to rush work!
  • The houses are built in contemporary and timeless design.

Purchase with a warranty

  • Your money is kept secure by our lending bank. The money is deposited to the project account and released by the bank to us only after the property has been entered in the Land Register.
  • We provide up to 48-month warranty on the construction part of our family houses and up to 30-month warranty on the installed technology.
  • We will be more than happy to customise the design of your house to suit your taste (if practicable).
  • Within the framework of client customisation, it is possible to choose from different types of flooring materials, tiles and sanitary ware products, including enhanced smart home features.
  • When it comes to material and service supplies, all of our contractors apply top standards.
  • We help all of our clients find the most beneficial funding options provided by both Czech and international banks.
  • For your convenience, we can provide the services of a kitchen gallery, interior designer or a garden designer.

The project will be finished in April 2021.

Project vision


Rather than prefabs we build solid houses from quality materials, namely lightweight concrete whose porous structure offers superior heat resistance and acoustic properties.

Energy efficiency

Owing to the used materials and construction design we managed to achieve A/A energy efficiency, which means that unlike competitive projects, our houses can be operated at very low costs.


On your houses we provide guarantees that are longer than those provided on similar projects on the market. Your money is kept secure on the project account until the real estate has been entered in the Land Register. Until then, we are not allowed to use it in any way.

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